Vikram Kolmannskog – co-founder, editor and writer

Vikram identifies as Indian-Norwegian, gay and spiritual. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared as books, in anthologies and in magazines in Norway, India and elsewhere.

Stefan about Vikram:

“Vikram is an ascetic hedonist, a disciplined eccentric, and a subversive worshipper. Fuelled by chocolate and protein bars, and inspired by an entire global pantheon, he explores life in raw, yet beautiful poetry and prose.”


Stefan Storm – co-founder, editor and writer (not active)

Stefan identifies as German-Norwegian, gay and humanist. He is a copywriter, contributing editor, board game creator, designer and conlanger. Stefan was one of the co-founders and played a crucial role from 2017 to 2021. He is no longer an active member of the core team.

Vikram about Stefan:

“Stefan is a creative polymath. He lives up to his surname, Storm. An overflow of creativity, intelligence and passion for language results, among other things, in him creating his very own language from scratch.”


Koyote Millar – editor, writer and singer

Koyo identifies as British-Norwegian, queer, non-binary trans, feral in a friendly way and open to the wonder of existence. Their poetry, songs and performance appear at irregular intervals in Norway and elsewhere.

Vikram about Koyo:

“Tails wagging wildly, all kinds of things thrusting, more-than-human hearts beating and expanding; Koyo and their art excite and soothe me as well as other members of the queer pack.”

KOYOTE 12 270221
Photo: Reidar Engesbak/BLIKK
In addition to this core team, we have a list of Mohini friends who contribute in various ways. If you would like to join, get in touch with us. We are always looking for people with skills in general publishing, editing, proof reading, layout, design, social media, promotion, funding, and more. Till now most work has been a labour of love.