Fearless Love – Call for Submissions

The Constitution protects the fluidities of sexual experience.

In celebration of the recent Indian Supreme Court verdict on queer loves and lives, Mohini Books and Fearless Collective will create an anthology.


Anyone can submit a text. We particularly welcome submissions from queer people with a connection to India or the Global South. If you wish, you can be published under a pseudonym.


The deadline for submissions is 1st December 2018. Expect an initial response by January 2019. We hope to publish the book in time for the anniversary of the verdict, 6th September 2019.


Texts should focus on ideas and/or experiences of fearless love. Priority will be given to texts that relate to queer love or life. Your text can be in the form of poetry, short story, essay, comment, or any other genre. It  should be in (mostly) English, and not exceed 5000 words.

To whom?

Send the submission to

Please bear in mind that Mohini Books is a micro publisher with limited resources. If we decline your work, please don’t let this discourage you. If we decide to work with you, you will get feedback on the text. Fearless Collective will contribute with visual art. The anthology is a labour of love, and our intention is to make it available digitally for free – and as a printed book at production cost. This means that neither we nor you can be financially compensated for the work. You agree to this when submitting your text.

Supreme Court Sentences

On 6th September 2018, the Indian Supreme Court struck down section 377, a colonial-era law criminalising queer loves and lives. The court clarified that everyone regardless of sexual orientation shall be afforded full constitutional rights and citizenship. Follow @mohinibooks on Facebook and Instagram for quotes from the verdict. We hope they can inspire you in your writing.



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Before submitting anything  please make sure you know us and what we are about by reading our previous publications and following us on Facebook, Instagram, etc. If we decline or you don’t hear back from us, please do not let this discourage you. We are a small publisher with very limited resources.