432px-Mohini_on_a_swingMohini Books takes its name and inspiration from the Indian myth of Mohini, a queer story which celebrates the diversity of genders and sexualities, a playfulness, and a subversive spirituality.

Once upon a time, two tribes of gods, the Devas and the Asuras, fought over a nectar of immortality. Eventually, the Deva Vishnu took a female form, Mohini. The attractive Mohini distracted the Asuras, the Devas thereby succeeding in securing the nectar for themselves.

The Deva Shiva had been meditating and therefore missed the sight of Mohini. When he heard how attractive she was, he went to Vishnu and begged him to take the form of Mohini again.

Suddenly, Mohini appears, playing with a ball, throwing it up in the air, catching it. She notices Shiva and smiles shyly. Shiva forgets himself and everything else. The ball slips from Mohini’s hand and rolls away. A gust of wind blows off her only cloth. She laughs and hides behind a tree. Shiva chases her. She runs. He catches her. She runs again. Shiva spurts semen, creating fields of silver and gold.

Eventually, they are exhausted and the game comes to an end. There is no shame. They realise the greatness of their spirit and of the universal spirit. Vishnu is again Vishnu. Shiva returns to his meditation.