Queers in Quarantine: Anthology

A collection of queer voices, reflections and perspectives on loss, longing, letting go and learning to live in new ways through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Becoming Buddha: Meditations

A book about looking, sitting, breathing, listening, sensing, thinking, smiling, chanting, loving, eating, shitting, walking, suffering, scrolling, fucking, fighting, playing, dying, and shining like Buddha.

‘Vikram, a wonderfully skilled storyteller, here tells the story of meditation.’ (Ven. Tashi Choedup, Queer Buddhist monastic)

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Fearless Love: Anthology

On 6 September 2018, the Indian Supreme Court delivered a very progressive verdict on LGBTQ+ rights. In celebration of the one-year anniversary, Mohini Books published this anthology. The texts focus on fearless love and are in the form of poetry, essay, short story, song lyrics, and letter. These are interspersed with quotes from the beautiful verdict.

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Taste and see: A queer prayer

Taste and see is a story in the form of a poem about a gay man’s quest for love in the world of dating apps and hookups. He eventually experiences a relationship that is both spiritual and sensual.

‘A lyrical study of passion, both religious and carnal.’ (Kirkus Reviews)

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